Back, Back, Back

Back, Back, Back Ryan Everett Felton             The Professor was a lunatic, and I knew I wouldn’t feel bad about killing him even a little.             My mind made up, I turned the keys in the ignition of his souped-up piece of shit Gremlin. I ran a finger over the controlContinue reading “Back, Back, Back”

Proper Planning and Trepidation

Proper Planning and Trepidation Ryan Everett Felton Imogene tore a check off an untouched pad and jotted down the name of the clubhouse in the payee line. She would drop off the security deposit tomorrow, but tonight was set aside for preparing the guest list. The party was two weeks away, to the day –Continue reading “Proper Planning and Trepidation”

Like There’s No Tomorrow

Like There’s No Tomorrow Ryan Everett Felton               “You have to understand, we thought the world was ending.”             Kathy wrung her hands over her bulbous gut, wobbling with the shift of her weight on the chair’s one short leg. Her brother Brad looked down at her, his lips half an inch apart, armsContinue reading “Like There’s No Tomorrow”

Season’s Greetings

Season’s GreetingsRyan Everett Felton              So, my neighbor thinks I’m the reincarnation of the Son of God.             I’d never met the man – Randal, his name is – but he has a higher opinion of me than most people have of anyone, if his Christmas card is any indication.Continue reading “Season’s Greetings”