An Alan Smithee Joint

An Alan Smithee Joint Ryan Everett Felton                 As press junkets go, this one was just anemic, Val thought. She’d been to smart phone video game tournaments, e-zine release parties, hell – even a Brad Garrett book signing with higher attendances. Judging by the other half-dozen reporters’ attireContinue reading “An Alan Smithee Joint”

Facebook Apology to William Fuller, ca. 2012

Facebook Apology to William Fuller, ca. 2012 Ryan Everett Felton           Billy,           It’s nearly twenty years overdue, but my therapist and I feel that I owe you an apology, and it’s all to do with the monkey I brought into Mrs. Stockholm’s class, back in fourthContinue reading “Facebook Apology to William Fuller, ca. 2012”

Her Perplexed Words

Her Perplexed Words Ryan Everett Felton             After a long day at the library, sweet old Ms. Goodson was somewhat dismayed to find her front door obstructed by a stray sphinx, curled up and napping on her welcome mat.             “Oh, wonderful,” she said. Hitching her purse up her shoulder, she lifted a dainty footContinue reading “Her Perplexed Words”

The Humble Derby

The Humble Derby Ryan Everett Felton           Tammy Reuben’s cowboy hat was too big for her head, but to her mind this had a slimming effect and so she kept it on – although it impeded her vision while exploring the fairgrounds. Half-blinded, she bumped into a dozen folks on her way to the eventContinue reading “The Humble Derby”