The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 4)

IV. I Will Spue Thee out of My Mouth             They met not at any Waffle House but an Arby’s where two highways crossed. Dodd went alone, driving a rental car. He put on a red baseball cap and sunglasses before he went in. Now was not a good time to stop for selfies withContinue reading “The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 4)”


Implicated Imagine me, five years old, and scared to death to open my eyes — to take even the bitsiest peep — during prayers at the dinner table, at church services, or weddings. Was it some rule set by my God-fearing mother, a warning from a Sunday school teacher, or just basic intuition? Don’t lookContinue reading “Implicated”

The Good-Bye Garden & Other Stories: now available!

Dear friends and readers, My new fiction anthology, The Good-Bye Garden & Other Stories, is now out in the world, awaiting your judgment. It contains some works previously published on this blog, many more that were not, and a lot of very pretty artwork by Indianapolis artists. Have a look — and remember, Amazon reviews areContinue reading “The Good-Bye Garden & Other Stories: now available!”


The perfect little family pulled up in a burgundy Ford Pinto and toddled out in their snow boots onto the roadside. They were the seventeenth perfect little family to arrive that day. There was a red-nosed poppa, with his funny flap hat and trimmed mustache, and a blushing momma. A little boy and a littlerContinue reading “Tannenbaum”