Little Armored Ones: The Armadillo Kingdom, Illustrated

The exhibit and book launch for Little Armored Ones was a dream. This 60-page, full color book is an illustrated study of all 20 species of armadillos. On 3/3, we raised funds and awareness for the IUCN’s Anteater, Sloth, and Armadillo Specialist Group. (And I got to cuddle an armadillo.) The book is for sale now!Continue reading “Little Armored Ones: The Armadillo Kingdom, Illustrated”

Armadillo Day: The Nine-banded Varmint and Me

Armadillo Day The Nine-banded Varmint and Me Ryan E Felton           “What is your ‘Medieval Times?’”           This question, posited by my friend Jessica at dinner, was tantamount to asking, “What would make your inner child happiest?” She’d just returned from a trip to that serf-and-sword-themed mega-restaurant,Continue reading “Armadillo Day: The Nine-banded Varmint and Me”