The Good-Bye Garden: Part Three

V              When I came to, some time later, it was to the tune of horse hooves on stone, and my throbbing head bumping against wood, and the giddy whispers of children. My eyelids were glued shut so when I pried them apart, half my lashes ripped out. I lay on my side, rocking, wovenContinue reading “The Good-Bye Garden: Part Three”

The Good-Bye Garden: Part Two

III              Nod was and always will be a cesspool. Dingy, humid, smelly. And that’s just the citizens. A few bad apples, kids and grandkids and so forth of Mom and Dad’s, got it in their heads they’d relocate to Nod a long, long time ago. All these years later and the apples only gotContinue reading “The Good-Bye Garden: Part Two”