Armadillo Day: The Nine-banded Varmint and Me

Armadillo Day The Nine-banded Varmint and Me Ryan E Felton           “What is your ‘Medieval Times?’”           This question, posited by my friend Jessica at dinner, was tantamount to asking, “What would make your inner child happiest?” She’d just returned from a trip to that serf-and-sword-themed mega-restaurant,Continue reading “Armadillo Day: The Nine-banded Varmint and Me”

Facebook Apology to William Fuller, ca. 2012

Facebook Apology to William Fuller, ca. 2012 Ryan Everett Felton           Billy,           It’s nearly twenty years overdue, but my therapist and I feel that I owe you an apology, and it’s all to do with the monkey I brought into Mrs. Stockholm’s class, back in fourthContinue reading “Facebook Apology to William Fuller, ca. 2012”