Breakfast in Belfast, 1972

Breakfast in Belfast, 1972 Ryan Everett Felton           It was one of MacCruiskeen’s boys I plugged. I rolled the eejit down the alley and tottered off for a pint.           In Belfast there’s no call for subtlety anymore. Snipers’ve seen to that. Most blokes in my lineContinue reading “Breakfast in Belfast, 1972”

Baker & the Bowman Monk

I’ve never been all that comfortable standing in a blockade of yellow police tape, and judging from the way I felt, surrounded by an uneven square of the stuff on the vacant lot outside Benny Hascomb’s place, I suppose I never will. There’s something about that command –DO NOT CROSS– that’s so stern it makesContinue reading “Baker & the Bowman Monk”