With Child

WTH. He has a kid What do you mean? Like, with him??? Yes. At the table w him. omg ABORT ABORT             Christina put her phone away and pulled her scarf up over her mouth. Her date, met on some app or other, had claimed one of the plaza’s round tables. “Between the coffee truckContinue reading “With Child”

Going Away

            Ben had these little soaps I’d pick up and smell in his bathroom. They were like little seashells. Looked like white chocolate, smelled like I don’t know. Flowers or something. I’d always take one into my hand when I was peeing and think about taking a bite out of it. The night of Ben’sContinue reading “Going Away”

Accommodations, Pt. 1

NIGHT             Andi checked in laughing.             “Room at the inn?” she joked of the desolate lobby. Her voice, smoky and worn for someone in her late twenties, bounded off marble. Chandelier crystals tinkled overhead.             “Might be able to squeeze you in.” The man at the desk smiled before raising a paper mask overContinue reading “Accommodations, Pt. 1”

The Humble Derby

The Humble Derby Ryan Everett Felton           Tammy Reuben’s cowboy hat was too big for her head, but to her mind this had a slimming effect and so she kept it on – although it impeded her vision while exploring the fairgrounds. Half-blinded, she bumped into a dozen folks on her way to the eventContinue reading “The Humble Derby”

The Wasp & the Bugler

The Wasp & the Bugler Ryan Everett Felton               Duncan pressed a Ziploc full of ice against the crook where his neck and shoulder met. The potential hazards of being a pallbearer hadn’t occurred to him ­– his primary concern, there at his father’s procession, was that he’d slip, drop his corner and setContinue reading “The Wasp & the Bugler”