Accommodations, Pt. 2

NIGHT             Her new room wasn’t ready yet when she returned to the Inverness. That was just fine, she told Jordan, shivering in waterlogged clothes. She left the lobby and went past the bar, which was unmanned and off-limits by way of red suede stanchions. Teeth chattering, she poured herself two coffees in the self-serveContinue reading “Accommodations, Pt. 2”


Correspondence Ryan Everett Felton “We are symbols, and inhabit symbols.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Mother was an eccentric, yes, but for the first time in my adult life I can say without a doubt that she was perfectly sane. The day we laid her to rest (that’s such a funny thing to say, isn’t it?Continue reading “Correspondence”

Season’s Greetings

Season’s GreetingsRyan Everett Felton              So, my neighbor thinks I’m the reincarnation of the Son of God.             I’d never met the man – Randal, his name is – but he has a higher opinion of me than most people have of anyone, if his Christmas card is any indication.Continue reading “Season’s Greetings”