The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 4)

IV. I Will Spue Thee out of My Mouth             They met not at any Waffle House but an Arby’s where two highways crossed. Dodd went alone, driving a rental car. He put on a red baseball cap and sunglasses before he went in. Now was not a good time to stop for selfies withContinue reading “The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 4)”

The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 3)

SELAH: I             In an office bigger than many men’s own homes sits a withering human being — white, male, hairless with crepe paper for skin. Fingers like rotting twigs press a button near his lap. There is a resulting buzz which summons another ancient man. They are both dressed in couture out of timeContinue reading “The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 3)”

Performance Review

Performance Review Ryan Everett Felton   Martin Fletcher’s wife Eloise placed a sacked lunch in his hands and kissed him goodbye. “Don’t be nervous,” she said, but they both knew he was. “I hate these damn performance reviews,” he said, moving in for a return smooch. “Makes me feel like cattle.” “You’ll be fine,” saidContinue reading “Performance Review”