Accommodations, Pt. 2

NIGHT             Her new room wasn’t ready yet when she returned to the Inverness. That was just fine, she told Jordan, shivering in waterlogged clothes. She left the lobby and went past the bar, which was unmanned and off-limits by way of red suede stanchions. Teeth chattering, she poured herself two coffees in the self-serveContinue reading “Accommodations, Pt. 2”

Accommodations, Pt. 1

NIGHT             Andi checked in laughing.             “Room at the inn?” she joked of the desolate lobby. Her voice, smoky and worn for someone in her late twenties, bounded off marble. Chandelier crystals tinkled overhead.             “Might be able to squeeze you in.” The man at the desk smiled before raising a paper mask overContinue reading “Accommodations, Pt. 1”