A Routine (audio)

I’m taking a week away from “The Man Who Ran for God” to work ahead and allow readers to catch up. In lieu of a new installment of that, please enjoy this audio version of my short story “A Routine,” from last year’s The Good-Bye Garden & Other Stories — which, incidentally, is for sale here.Continue reading “A Routine (audio)”

The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 1)

GENESIS I. In the Beginning Gideon Dodd, he was a preacher man. And during the first quarter of the twenty-first century in America, a preacher man with the gumption, charisma, booming voice, and winning smile of Gideon Dodd’s caliber could make a lucrative go of it. At forty-seven years old Dodd had long since beenContinue reading “The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 1)”