The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 2)

VI. Their Rims Were Tall and Awesome “It should be you.” In his study, Dodd, a block of pine on his knee, uncapped a bottle of industrial-strength wood varnish. At the window, his press agent Raymond Wachstetter reached on tip-toes to open the blinds and let some sunshine in. The squat man sniffed. With hisContinue reading “The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 2)”

The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 1)

GENESIS I. In the Beginning Gideon Dodd, he was a preacher man. And during the first quarter of the twenty-first century in America, a preacher man with the gumption, charisma, booming voice, and winning smile of Gideon Dodd’s caliber could make a lucrative go of it. At forty-seven years old Dodd had long since beenContinue reading “The Man Who Ran for God (pt. 1)”